A Matter of Trust!


As our customer you have the luxury of designing your own pool shape and size meaning that this pool is unique and made for the landscpae of its new home. By choosing an acutal pool builder over someone who simply installs pre-made pools means you have continuity from creation through to maintenance.

By choosing a fibreglassed glass pool you are getting a very strong and durable pool but also, this means it can be any shape/size/depth and – it’s low maintenance!

Do you want a standard square or kideny shaped pool, a lap pool or a pool built around your garden, a kids pool or even a paddle pool within swimming pools? With fibreglass, it can be done.

We can offer you any accessory you like in your pool, filtrations, purification systems, cleaners, underwater lighting, water heating? What ever it us ask us and we can help. Supplying and installing reputable products from our suppliers, which are high quality and up to date technology.

You have the choice of either chlorinated pool or a salt water pool with us.

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